Vis Medicatrix Naturae
'The healing power of Nature'
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Naturopathy is based on the fundamental understanding that nature heals, that given the correct internal & external environments, our body can heal itself. We can use mother natures medicines, to bring our selves back into homeostasis, (balance).

Herbal medicine, nutrition, flower essences, mineral therapy, sanum therapy, hair analysis, are just some of the tools we can use to regain this balance. True & deep healing comes from addressing the four body system, Mental, Emotional, Spiritual & Physical.

In a consultation, each patient is addressed individually, as each of our experiences are individual & personal. For example, if five patients all present with headache, there may by five totally different methods used for healing, because the headache may have come from different states e.g. dehydration, stress, mineral deficiency, eye strain, food allergy...... As a result every consultation is tailored to the individual. I endeavor to understand why your feeling the way you are, and address the cause.

It's about 'what do we need to do, to get you back to healthy you'.

Aspects such as lifestyle & environmental influences are also taken into account, as our environment has a profound effect on our health. Food as medicine is always a core aspect of the healing journey.

This type of healing is appropriate for all members of the family....animals included.

The clinic is situated in Mc Crae, on the peaceful Mornington Peninsula.

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